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Learn how the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) can help reduce stress behaviors by teaching our nervous system to feel safe.

The SSP can decrease…

• Anxiety

• Irritability

• Emotional outbursts

• Feelings of overwhelm

• Depression

Trauma therapists Robbyn Peters Bennett and Amy Bryant discuss with Dr. Stephen Porges how the SSP supports both children and adults to:

• feel better

• feel more tolerant, and

• find more enjoyment and deeper connection with others

Stephen Porges, PhD developed the SSP based upon 45 years of research on the nervous system and pioneered the POLYVAGAL theory, a concept of the nervous system that explains the driving influence of our physiological state on our behavior and our emotions. He discusses how the SSP can be administered with a sensitivity for individuals who have suffered from varying degrees of trauma, as well as those who struggle with sensory sensitivities, or may be neurodivergent.


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