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Date & Time: 11-13 November 2022 Friday: 10.00-18.00 Saturday: 10.00-18.00 Sunday: 10.00-15.00

Place: MetaNoova utbildning Adress: Götgatan 11, 116 46 Stockholm Registration Deadline: 9 October 2022 Registration: Register in good time ahead. Minimum number of participants is 12 Cancellation is possible until 9 October.

Registration to :

Send us your full name and invoicing address, and in return you will receive the invoice.

Registration Fee: Pay at the latest 10 October 2022. 3000 Swedish Crowns for Swedish, SE members and Students in SE-trainings. Member fee is applicable even to members of other SE associations. 5000 Swedish Crowns for, non-members. Welcome to visit our website If you want to be a member in the Swedish SE- association.

Participants: This workshop serves as a deepening for Students of SE, SE Practitioners or professionals who work with trauma and bodywork, but it is also open for everyone.

Language: The workshop will be held in English.

The workshop aims to present the SOMA embodiment® tools of touch and movement and how they can be applied in a therapy setting for the benefit of different kinds of clients.

The SOMA embodiment® method was developed by Sonia Gomes, one of the first international SE teachers. The method allows therapists to help clients find a way out from blockages caused by trauma and muscular and emotional fixations. Through a variation of different qualities of touch the client can come in contact with early traumas and eventually go back to movement and aliveness. The workshop is accepted as an introduction to the SOMA embodiment® training which includes four blocks of four days.

Claudia has been assisting Sonia Gomes internationally for almost ten years and has taught SOMA embodiment® in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. For over 30 years, Claudia Studer has supported children, adults, and families at her practice in Switzerland. She works with a combination of methods, including Somatic experiencing®, SOMA Embodiment®, Kinesiology, Neurofeedback and HANDLE®.

Through Kinesiology and Neurofeedback Claudia developed a deep understanding of the human brain, nervous system, and bodily expressions. In her teaching, Claudia applies her knowledge of the human anatomy to the fields of SE® and SOMA embodiment® and combines it with her experience as a bodyworker.

Claudia is a excellent teacher who, with curiosity and friendliness, creates a safe and supportive environment for participants to learn, grow and explore together.


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